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Sorry to quote Erasure – but ‘I Love Saturday’!

This is for many reasons – no school, lie-in time, going-out night etc etc etc – but another highlight of the day is the local second hand market! Whenever I can, I go down to investigate what the local traders are selling. Like anything, it can be very hit and miss – although I always try and find a little something to add to either my ecletic flat – or my ‘background props’ box – to compliment the vintage cards I make (more on that later)!  

I generally set myself a £10 challenge – not wanting to spend over that amount in total for anything I buy. Sometimes it’s not always possible – but most weeks I manage to succeed in my challenge. Today was no exception. I bought 4 items which came to a total of £10 exactly – bargain!

I have several sets of these mini theatre binoculars now – these aren’t in the best condition – but I loved them anyhow and they go well with the rest of my collection. A good cheap find.

A small antique wood planer – still in working order complete with blade. Great prop – although it has already become a ‘door stop’ in my hallway.

I love old jewellery – especially brooches – and if they are unisex in style then even better. I have lots of  similar pieces which adorn different coats and jackets of mine periodically. They also work very well as pretty additions to my Etsy card photo displays (see link on my page).  Men, in the past, would always wear pocket watches, cufflinks and tie pins amongst other jewellery; I think it’s such a shame that we don’t wear jewellery anymore!

I don’t wear glasses thankfully – but I’ve always wanted some for purely cosmetic reasons. I’ve got 3 pairs now of these vintage spectacles – although admittedly the others are older and more composer-esque in style. These are round, as opposed to oval, and are alot more Harry potter-like with dark frames. I love them.

This completes my bargain finds for today – very pleased with my purchases. Keep an eye out in my card listings on Etsy – you’re bound to see them make an appearance at some point!