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O Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches…

Well another Christmas has come and gone – and it’s that time when we have to pack everything away and return to some sort of normality – with nothing to look forward to…until at least March! (My birthday! Teehee)

Only a distant memory now is the Christmas Tree decoration party I held for friends in early December, when the tree looked so sprightly, and filled the flat so vividly with the smell of fresh pine. And baubles hung so neatly from firm branches with lights sparkling from within.

Celebrations have passed and with it the presents that sat so longingly under the tree. The tree is looking tired and withered, a sign for the decorations to be put to bed for another year.

Some are old, some are new but most have memories of one sort or another. I do love the fact that my collection grows each year – especially when they are handmade by friends or family. My partner and I boxed them all away as the cat looked on, excited and playful as the evening we got them out.

The tree was cut down branch by branch and bagged, hopefully to be recycled. The room was hoovered, rearranged – and back to how it was just over 3 weeks ago, almost as if it had never been changed.  Back to work, back to studies, back to said normality…