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OK – as I originally said in my first listing – I will also be using this blog as a chance to procrastinate…and I’ve started already!

I’ve been researching, reading, writing and downloading information for an MA portfolio that I’m putting together – I’ve still got TONS to do, so ssssssshhhh don’t tell my tutors!

Music is my life, my passion, and indeed my MA – so I have music playing in the background – always!  So I wanted to share with you some of the CDs that have accompanied me today.

First up is Soap and Skin. I bought this CD ‘Lovetune For Vacuum’ in April last year – and it remains one of my favourites still. Think Nico meets Cat Power meets Bjork and you’ll have a vague idea about her style and sound. Being both a pianist and singer/songwriter myself – I particularly love the dramatic way she writes & performs.

Second up is an old band called ‘The Irrepressibles’. They’ve been around a while I believe, but have only this last year started to become well known.

An EP release of music written especially for the Shelley Loves film ‘The Forgotten Circus’ was available early last year – the majority of theatrical  orchestral tracks from which make up their debut album ‘Mirror Mirror’ – to be released next week! If you like Antony Hegarty (& The Johnsons) then you will love it! Watch this space. The accompanying video (excerpt from the film) is also beautiful. But look away if you don’t like clowns!

Well…what can I say about number 3! She should need no introduction, as most people will have heard her beautiful voice at some point or another – most probably on a soundtrack like Gladiator, Whale Rider or Layer Cake. Yet Lisa Gerrard is still relatively un-famous. Beginning her musical recording career as a member of ‘Dead Can Dance’, Lisa  continues to grow as both a performer and vocalist, with collaborations with others such as Pieter Bourke, Hans Zimmer, Patrick Cassidy, Ennio Morricone and Klaus Schulze.

Today, I listened to ‘The Silver Tree’. Released in 2006 it is another classic example of Lisa’s timeless, ethereal & often mournful vocal style in which she sings in her own language. This song is called ‘Come Tenderness’. Stunningly beautiful.

Just three tasters from three fab CDs. I’ll probably post more musical excerpts like this in and amongst my other bloggings – what do people think? There’s nothing better than hearing music that other people love – especially if they happen to be new artists to you. With one click you can listen – and with another you can turn off – perfect!

I’m having January blues I think – so more music…more chocolate (Green & Blacks me thinks)…more procrastinating…but first, more reading ;-)

Good Night x