Did I tell you about the Tuesday market too? Well that will probably have to wait until another week now! The weather is too bad here for me to venture out into town – the car is defintiely snowed in the drive – and I don’t fancy slip-sliding away on wheels or by foot. Good job really that I have an assignment to do – with an ample supply of coffee, brioche (thanks Charlotte), bread, soup, olives, salad & biscuits! Sadly, the chocolate cupboard is bare! Maybe I need to brave the snow after all!

The main roads have been cleared somewhat now – but the snow is still falling down thick and heavy. Thankfully I have two days off to stay in the warm – but let’s pray for more snow for the end of the week – then work might be closed! It’ll definitely help with this assignment timewise. Speaking of which…I need to crack on…ciao for now. Have a good day – and be careful if the weather is bad around you x

NB: I might go and venture in the graveyard across the way for a short break and take some photos of the beautiful angel stones!