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So, I buckled and went across to the graveyard – against the advice of my neighbour and my own M.A conscience! – but am SO glad I did! It was beautiful, walking in fresh untrodden snow, and watching the wind powder it across my face. I particularly love angels – so went in search of them. I began talking to another lady, who was also there enjoying the quietness, stillness and elegant wintry beauty. She pointed out several to me. She even came all the way across to find me half an hour later – just to inform she had found another stunning one. She escorted me to the angel’s feet before disappearing herself. I took 120 photographs. I will share some of them below for you ;-)


The snow dressed each angel – almost as if it was dressing it for the cold weather – in snow fur, scarf and muff. I love snow angels!

It’s nice to be home in the warm again – as the sky darkens – with a cup of hot coffee and a slab of Christmas Cake waiting ;-) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!