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Tonight I finished my MA Year One Portfolio totalling 14,567 words (excluding assessment scales, index sheets, appendices & bibliographies). Yay! Hand-in date is tomorrow so I even finished ahead of target. The fact that I (and the car) was snowed in today helped – as I was able to utilise the time proactively – and I did! Honestly! (Mostly!)

But it’s done, so I can breathe a sigh of relief – for a very short while anyhow! It’s been great chatting on the phone to some of my fellow peers tonight too – who are absolutley gorgeous people – supporting each other and answering last minute questions about the bibliography and final presentation.

I’m printing it out as I type on gorgeous premium paper and card. Have got my own binding machine from when I use to make books too (another story I’ll share another time) so that’s my job for tomorrow evening ;-)

I feel like I’ve eaten non-stop (especially today) and put on at least a stone since starting this portfolio – so time to start the new year diet methinks! The Christmas chocolate stash has been eaten – and there’s only a few goodies left – so, with the support of my partner I’ll be able to go for it big time! You won’t recognise me! In fact some of you don’t even know what I look like – so I guess you definitely won’t recognise me! ((LOL))

I’ve had several musical accompaniements along the way today too including the below: (I’ll only add the album covers this time – I’ll let you go find your own YouTube link!) 

I’m off to bed very shortly – am absolutley shattered! So…’til the next time – bon nuit ;-) x