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Well I did go to the Saturday market in town yesterday, but due to the bad weather, alot of the stall holders hadn’t turned up. I did speak to one – and he informed me that he had got up at 4.30am to pack and set off – to arrive at the market for 6am! Ouch! In this cold weather I’m not at all surprised so many people decided to stay in their warm beds! I did buy 2 CDs from the £1 box – both of which were ones I wanted – so it wasn’t a wasted trip after all! ;-)

Today, however, after a well deserved lie-in – my partner and I decided to go in search of a second-hand / antique fair – which I have a penchant for. There is a website that has a list of them – but sadly, the one that we like to go to in the neighbouring town wasn’t on until February. However, there was a big fair happening in Bolton – at their Reebok Stadium – which is approx 35 miles away from us. The good thing is that it’s motorway all the way there – so after deciding to go, was pleased to find that it didn’t take us that long after all.

There was one scary moment when, due to all the dirt and spray from the lorries we couldn’t see! The water squirter / windscreen washer was frozen so there was nothing to clear it with – we couldn’t see anything at all at 70mph – and I had to do an emergency pull on to the hard shoulder to chuck snow all over the windscreen!

The antique fair was big despite over 70 stall holders not turning up there either due to the snow! There were alot of beautiful things – and alot of antiques which (although lovely) were out of my price range! I set myself my usual challenge – although ‘upped’ my limit to £15 due to the venue and the calibre of sellers and merchandise. Another guy on the local market I chat to told me once that when he goes as a seller to an antique fair he doubles, sometimes triples, his prices – just because he can – and he normally gets it too!!

I, however, don’t give up without a fight and love to barter with people on their prices – I think it’s part of the fun – so it also helps that I’m really cheeky! ((LOL)) I came away with a few nice things for my money. Wanna see?

I asked the stall holder exactly what these little enamel signs were for, he had several – and I hadn’t even thought about them being old red post box discs for the top slot to inform the public when the mail would be next emptied! Despite some wear to the enamel I though they were really cute. He had sold loads to a Post Office Museum somewhere – so only had a few left. Unfortunately they didn’t have one with either my birth time or date on as hoped – so I picked my favourite looking one instead! Not bad for £1.50! A tiny piece of history – especially within the world of emails and blogging! Will be a nice little backdrop for one of my cards too.

It was my partner that liked this one in particular. I have quite a few old cameras already – but this is a Brownie No. 2 – and I have just seen on the internet that this particular model dates from 1924! £5 (after bartering) for a camera that’s 85 years old and still in working order isn’t bad at all! Am going to try find some old Kodak No. 120 film and give it a go! I just love photography – especially old pictures – and would like to treat myself to an old polaroid camera at some point too and use that for my blog pictures ;-) yummy!

An old wooden hinged 2 metre length ruler! The precision and workmanship that goes into these rules are outstanding I always feel – and despite seeing plenty over the years, I have never bought one – until today! This is a particularly long one (!) in great condition – and at £3.50 was a real steal!

I make vintage cards – link on my homepage to my etsy shop if you haven’t already seen! I have 100s of old photogrpahs and postcards – and absolutley love looking out for new ones. Only yesterday I had been thinking about making some Valentines cards to list and today, whilst looking through a miscellaneous pile, came across this little beauty. Posted Denver, Colorado in 1908 to Wisconsin – this little century old gem has ended up in Lancashire waiting to be found by me! it’s sentiment says ‘If you should cease of me to think, my heart would shrink, and shrink…and shrink…’ I fell in love with it immediately – and at a £1 was a real bargain! It will make an appearance in my shop soon! ;-)

For my last £4 bargain I found an old little pocket flask – perfect size for your favourite tipple! A mixture of leather and silver metal, the slit in the material and the removable metal bottom reveals the amount of liquor left available for consumption. I saw one last year and never bought it – so at this bargain price really couldn’t resist. Looks at home already on a little shelf I have with all of my other little curiosites ;-0

That completes my finds for this week. I may be £15 poorer – but a whole lot richer surrounded by such historical little treasures ;-)