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Before the snow goes I decided to revisit the local graveyard and take some more photographs of my snow angels. I also found a few more which had originally been hidden in the fall.

I’m also interested in doing a collaboration with a fellow blogger called Ray Sharp – this is the link to his blog: http://raysharp.wordpress.com. Ray is a talented poet who expressed an interest in my photographs and in doing a collaboration of visual and word art for an on-line poetry journal. It sounds a great idea – so watch this space ;-) I’ll keep you informed should anything materialise.









Snow Angel
Have you ever been mesmerized
by snowflakes bright against the night
like a billion white moths
like pieces of the clouds
kissing your upturned face?

Ecstatic on your back in the snow
like an angel floating on a cloud?

Don’t sleep. Come back to Earth.

by Ray Sharp
First published at Voxpoetica.com

There was one angel who had fallen off it’s plinth and sadly broken into 3 parts. The head was an isolated part which was completely covered by the snow. I cleared some away – although it seemed almost spooky to see this head appearing within the snow! On closer view, I saw that some of the grave monuments also had angels, cherubs and faces carved within their stone.

If the snow continues, as promised (or is that threatened) by the weather men – I may end up taking another visit!