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Over the last few days I have been looking at some wonderful blogs – full of interesting reads, photographs, memories, words of wisdom, heartaches, lessons, stories and giveaways! As a result, I would also like to give away my own freebie to you all – a digital print for you to right click and save. I have hundreds of postcards – and with Valentines coming, chose this one of a young courting couple. It’s sentiment reads: “Dear, let me keep this pretty flower in memory of this happy hour”. It is free for you to use however you please; please just don’t resell it as it is. Unfortunately the card is blank on the bank and gives no further description of its history. I have edited the postcard slightly, although it could do with some further work – but I thought I’d leave that for you to do, to truly make it your own.

Like some of my wonderful peers, I may make this a regular random feature – so feel free to drop by another time and see what’s for ‘giveaway’. If you were to use the image I’d also be very interested in seeing how you’ve utilised it. Click on the image to see it in a larger version, a better format in which to save.