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Still experiencing I.T meltdown – so I decided to treat myself! Yes, I succumbed….more tweed! (Well I did tell you how I love it!)

Passing through Dewsbury I decided to call in at the fabric mill and go through the remnants bin once more! Having had to fight my way to the till (three middle aged women decided to monopolise the place by fetching every single roll out, continuously disagreeing and changing their mind whilst hogging the counter, the measure and the assistant – much to the annoyance of the rest of us – AND the assistant!) I managed to purchase all of this tweed for a very reasonable price! They charge just £10 per kilo!

Two cushions have been made already! Some is being saved to send to my wonderful friend Abby (of BubsBears fame) – and some have scarves written all over them! During my next ‘craft’ evening with my partner and the neighbour (a random evening where wine consumption happens along with a bit of sewing of sorts), hopefully other creative ideas will also materialise! We’re planning to hold a craft & card stall – later on in the year!

Watch this space! x