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No…unfortunately I haven’t been to Paris for the day! Although when I’m next in London – I plan to do that if I can afford it at the time! Catch the first train at 6am from St. Pancras all the way to Gare Du Nord – travelling back the same day, leaving Paris 9.15pm at night! Wow – that would be a gooood day – however, an expensive one. I’ve only ever been once (for a long weekend) – and with someone I wasn’t particularly in love with. Now I AM with the person that I love – I think it would be a good place to go! Just a shame about the Parisians! Teehee…but that’s another story!

Anyhow, this post isn’t about that – I went to the market again today ;-) and fulfilled my usual shopping challenge, buying several items for my budget price of £10 (although I did go ever so slightly over today – £13.50 in fact!!)

First up is this wonderful Sand House. I’ve always loved sand timers since being a child, watching every grain of the Sunday egg timer pass through to its new destination. On holiday in Cornwall last Summer I saw the most beautiful sand timer made out of an old mill bobbin – it was stunning – but alas a little too expensive! So I saw this one today – not an old one admittedly – but made of glass and beautiful to look at least. I had to get it. For picture purposes only, I took it in front of my lounge fireplace clock. It’s actually living in the kitchen now where it looks completely at home ;-)

Now, I don’t take sugar in my hot drinks – but when friends come round who do, I always have to embarassingly admit that I don’t have any in. I decided last week however, it was time to buy some – but settled for sugar cubes – as I think they look so much more appealing (and not just to horses!) So, of course I was really happy to see these little tongs today. I do have another pair I bought recently (also from the market) – but they’re not as nice as these and are very old and tarnished – and in severe need of a good clean! These are much cuter and look lovely. I just need a gorgeous old sugar bowl now!…and then some people round for a cream tea. Any takers?

I bought three old books as well today. There was a box full of them from the same ‘New Educational Library’ series – but I chose just 3 for my bookshelf. One on Music, one on Psychology and the other on French. Oui oui effectivement. J’ai aimé la couleur d’entre eux aussi!

I did start a book that time – after my ‘poll’ blog post – I chose ‘Aphrodite’ by Isabella Allende (ok so that wasn’t on the list) which is both a senuous read / recipe book – all about cooking with love! Aaawwwwww. I didn’t get very far though…but that’s what always seems to happen with me and books these days – and not because I’m not a romantic – cos I am ;-) Shame – cos I always used to have my nose in a book!

Anyhow, today I picked up the Nick Hornby book ‘How to be Good’ on a stall. Being very naughty by nature I thought it might do me good! I’d read one of his years ago which had been good – ‘High Fidelity’ – but only because I’m a music and vinyl freak like the character in the book! I opened it up and before I knew it, I had read 4 pages! I thought this a sign – a book I actually could stand up to read and still stay interested! I bought it ;-)

I saw the most beautiful little Christmas tree decorations on Etsy last year made out of ribbon and buttons which I just never got round to buying. They were quite costly considering what they were – so I decided that I’d make my own version for the tree this year; and so was very happy with the basket of buttons I saw on the market. I bought some brown ones (for some of my tweed ‘still to be made’ scarves) and some more delicate Mother of Pearl buttons for the decorations. They are gorgeous and were very cheap!

Finally, I saw another brooch which I loved. I had seen it before. The guy hadn’t been to the market for a while – he still had two similar brooches as well – but it was this one that I really liked – and surprisingly he still had it! Decorated with flowers, leaves and a little sparrow it also says the name of the capital city of love – ‘Paris’. I bartered him down enough for me to consider it. The stall holder insisted that it was from the turn of the 20th century – I think however it is from a little later – maybe 1920s/30s – but what do I know! But regardless, I love it and it’s still a little piece of history that I will wear with pride. I nearly never bothered – but when I said to my partner – ‘shall we go for a coffee in a minute?’ I suddenly realised that the two café au lait’s I’d be buying would be costing the same amount as this beauty – with that realisation I changed my mind in an instant! We had a coffee when we got home!

One of its subsequent owners was obviously concerned with losing the piece as they had attached a thin cord of cotton, beads and safety pin round the brooch to act like a safety catch. It will give me more confidence to wear it – as I lost another crown badge from my jacket recently that I was very fond of.

That completes my shopping expedition for today. Thanks for letting me share my new purchases with you. I hope you enjoyed the audio track above too. In case you were wondering, it’s Martha Wainwright’s version of the Edith Piaf song ‘Adieu mon Coeur’. Enjoy…and have a great Saturday evening. I’m off to eat trifle (not cake like Marie Antoinette) ;-0 YUMMY