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So, I’ve posted off some tweed to Abby of ‘MutteringsoftheMoor’ and ‘BubsBears’ fame – and my partner has (under the tuition of our neighbour) made a few cushions from it too.

But. I decided to have go at making one myself – and again (under the watchful eye of my neighbour) – I made my first cushion – EVER! I’m not very good on a sewing machine. For someone extraordinarily patient (at times) within my job – I seem to have an extraordinary lack of patience when it comes to sewing machines.

I know what I want my finished item to look like – and the sewing machine doesn’t – and so it does it all wrong! Simple as…! ;-) Teehee

Anyhow, I vowed to be patient and enjoy the experience – and I really did – every stitch of it!! Maybe it helps that my neighbour Charlotte of  Etsy ‘High Tea & Herringbone’ fame (watch this space) is very very patient. She doesn’t seem to get cross about anything – …I aspire!

So do you want to see a pic?

I used two contrasting tweeds for the front and back – and used one of my favourite vintage images at the moment (to be turned into a card at some point – watch my Etsy shop!) Added some vintage Mother of Pearl buttons (yep from my ‘From Paris with Love’ 23/01 blog-post) and a vintage brooch (yep from my  ‘To Market’ 02/01 blog-post) and voila – you have a completed cushion.

I’m really pleased with my zip too (my first zip ever!) – the only thing I’m slightly disappointed with is the stitch I used to sew on the vintage portrait. It was a slightly ‘fancy’ one…and of course, what with taking my time in stitching it on, naturally tension and the pull through was slightly different on all four sides! Not to worry, I just need to practice abit more – and also it adds to it’s unique charm…apparently! Let me know what you think!?

I was also thinking that after I’d made a selection of throw cushions for my bed (the whole point in the first place) I’d make some more tweed ones (avec vintage image,. buttons and maybe even brooch) and try and sell them within my Etsy shop. I could also do custom orders – using favourite images from your favourite cards from your favourite Etsy shop – mine ;-) Teehee. 


Do people think they would sell? and if so, what price would you put on them? I would appreciate any thoughts and advice.