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Hi everybody

Find attached above another sound file from my album ‘Parallel Martyrs’. (Click on the play symbol and honk up the volume!)

This song is called ‘Foxy Lady’ and I wrote it aged 15 for my GCSE music coursework. Considering my age, the lyrics are a tad racey! It was also part of a mini-musical I wrote at the same time glamourously entitled ‘One Wet Wednesday’ (!!!) – all about a guy whose marriage had broken down. He’d also lost his job – only to end up lonely and disillusioned, walking the streets…and yep, you guessed it…it all started one wet Wednesday! Teehee…

But. One day, he met a Foxy lady that changed his life…

I really love performing this tune – (it’s me on vocals & keyboards) – it’s all honky tonk and VERY tongue-in cheek!

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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