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My birthday has come early!

My very dear friend Abby – from Mutteringsfromthemoor and BubsBear fame has turned some of my tweed buys into a Tweed-Bear – for my birthday.

I have called him Reuben – and he arrived today! Wanna see?
He arrived in this big box – always exciting!

…and then popped his head out to say hello!

…of course, he was naturally inquisitive and couldn’t wait to have a good look around him! So found a place up high so he could survey his new surroundings!

He knew he’d have to meet the other resident animal of the house…Merlin, who insisted on checking him out closely! Reuben sat very still!

Once friends, it was time to explore the flat!

…starting with the cupboards! Reuben was pleased to see that there was always an endless supply of chocolate close to hand! Great for those midnight feasts when everyone else was asleep!

…and like any youngster, he ended up climbing all over the furniture and sitting in places that he really shouldn’t! Like on the mantlepiece!

He had a little afternoon nap on the hall chair.

…before going in exploration of some of the musical instruments of the residence!

Well, he’ll definitely need a cushion to reach those keys! But after that, I’ll be able to start teaching him!

Which way to his bedroom?

He was getting a bit tired – so he decided to turn in!

…it didn’t take him long to drop off to sleep! ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz