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Well this post really should have been written last week – but what with presentations, assessments and practice for my MA this week – it’s all been abit mad. I’ve been on a couple of afternoon trips out – but they’re another story…so watch this space.

I did however, get chance to go to the market ;-) Well you know how much I love going – I really can’t resist bobbing down – even for 15 mniutes! I did my usual £10 challenge – and I am pleased to say I was successful again.

Wanna see what I got?

First off was another vintage metal and wooden ruler – slightly differnet to the one I bought a few weeks ago – and in immaculate condition! At £2 this was a real steal – and I couldn’t resist. It sits well with the other rule, I really have no excuse anymore in guess-timating the length of things!

Next up was a lovely handmade shelf! I love to display all of the little market knick-knacks I purchase – and was indeed looking for something new. A normal shelf just would not have done – so when I saw this – at £8 – I thought – perfect! It is a weird concoction – I think the maker has taken bits of decorative wood from other pieces of furniture – making pseudo wings at the top of the shelf and elaborate scrolls at the bottom! It’s ornate and I love it! Looks even better hung up. I have my collection of vintage opera spectacles displayed on them at the moment!

Taken on my woolen rug – this shelf definitely does look like an angel of sorts! Technically my tenner was spent! But as I had bought the items from the same guy – queried how much an old wood alphabet block was that he had of the letter ‘S’ – the initial of my beau ;-) He said ‘you can have it for being such a wonderful customer!’ and threw it in for free! This will be ideal to not only display – but use, within the books and cards that I make!

As I do frequent the market most weeks in some way or another, I have got to know many sellers really well – and often stand and chat to them for ages. This guy is no exception; it does pay as many will give you a good discount even without asking.  I currently have this displayed in my bathroom on top of an old mirror I’ve got in there.

That concludes my market shopping extravaganza for this week. Drop by soon to see what else I’ve been finding! I’m off to my parents for a few days, although today I bought a ‘dongle’ (what a weird name) so all being well, I’ll be able to keep in touch through my work’s laptop! If not – see you very soon! Take care y’all x

NB – Listed some new cards tonight on my Etsy page – please stop by, take a look and let me know what you think x