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Well you know how much I love my little curiosities!…so even though I’m literally counting the pennies til payday; I emptied every pocket, every would-be wallet, every sofa back (ok just the one) to see if I could find me some little spends for today’s Tuesday market.  (I’ve suddenly become really paranoid about the use of my apostrophe’s since reading FrenchKissed’s blog – and realise I no longer know how to use them!)

Anyhow, I gathered me some coins and I tootled off down to the local open market. It’s only a 15 minute walk – if that really; and as I was off, thought I ought to go get some fresh air. Any excuse! Now for those newbies – I set myself a challenge on flea-market days to buy as many lovely things that I can for £10! I try my best to not only buy things that I would have for decoration purposes, but also things I would use in some way – even if it was just as background for my Etsy shop photos.

Today was a little disappointing admittedly. There wasn’t as many stalls as usual – and I prefer Saturday’s sellers truth be told. The stall holders I chat to always say Tuesday’s are better; as they tend to buy new stock on Sunday’s and so Tuesday is the first day they can realistically sell it. The market opens at 6am – and I go as late as possible, so I miss all the new and best buys anyhow! I think it would be different if I was a seller myself elsewhere – but I’m not so it doesn’t matter; I buy trinkets just for myself, my overcrowded flat and my photoshoots!

Anyhow, enough waffling, let me show you what I got today!

First up is this cute little bottle with the words J. Lewis (department store?) on it. I’m not sure if it’s an old perfume bottle or something for medicines – but either way at 50p I thought I’d invest. I have some lovely old bottles balanced precariously on top of an old rectangular antique mirror I have in my bathroom – so I thought it would go with these. I was also hovering around the stall, as a lady had picked something up that I had wanted – and I was hanging around to see whether or not she was going to buy it – she did! So as to not look too suspicious to warrant calling the police (!!) I thought I ought to buy a little something too – so this little trinket was it. Actually it looks quite cute in its place.  

Next up is this vintage postcard dated February 4th 1905 and ironically also advertising Lewis & co; ring manufacturers of Regent Street, London. There are two little advertisements showcasing solid gold hall marked rings adorned with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and pearls on either side. Again at 50p I thought it would make a perfect back to one of my vintage greeting cards. All of my cards have imagery on the front and on the reverse of the card – making them verstaile and unique in many ways.

Third up are these lovely buttons! OK OK OK so I don’t need any more buttons (for those of you who don’t know what I’m on about see the link below)! https://houndini.wordpress.com/category/buttons/ but at £1.50 I couldn’t resist! They are all metal and some of them are soooooooo ornate! Please click on the photo and take a closer look to really see how intricate some of them are. I also love buttons with writing on…so, anyhow, I refuse to listen to your tuts – I’ve already bought them – LOL! Can’t wait to use some of them!

Fourth up is this wonderful game of Happy Families!

I use to play this as a kid! I thought these cards were so cute and decorative (again click on the photo) – and at 50p were again, another steal! I think they would make an ideal backdrop to one of my future Etsy card listings; plus it’s a cute game to have in should ever any of my nieces and nephews come visit! They live a long way away so the chances are slim – but they really won’t go to waste. I make my own books too full of ephemera and cabinet cards – so these would look really lovely within them – or scanned in, again, as another back for one of my vintage cards! For 50p I think I’m onto a winner!

Finally, I went to see Karen, a particularly lovely stall holder who sells vintage jewellery. She did me a BOGOF on these! (Buy One Get One Free)! I know (!!!) when she first said to me “you can have a BOGOF” I thought she had taken offence by something I’d said! ((LOL)) 

Anyhow, I walked away with these two lovely brooches for £5! One is of a sailors anchor – and the other is of a Scottish thistle and leaves. I thought both of them would be perfect for the cushions that I’m making avec buttons and brooches! Again for the newbies, check out this blog link! https://houndini.wordpress.com/category/cushions/

I’ve got some new Tweeds and so am itching to make another. These little brooches will be great accessories on them – whether or not I keep them for myself or put them on Etsy is still unsure. Watch this space!

So that concludes today’s ‘treasure’ hunt – £7.50 for all that – BARGAIN! I even had enough change to buy myself an egg custard and a coffee!  EUREKA x