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How good am I!? Tonight I made another scarf!  Yay!

It took me even longer than last night – but then I was by myself – plus I decided to make it even more difficult…I never seem to do things by half!

This time I printed out an old Roman map on fabric and cut it into 3 sections and sewed this into the scarf too. It looks really lovely even if I say so myself. I’ve had a go at taking some photographs – but again, it hasn’t come out that great. The intricate colours of some of the tweeds are really not evident in these shots!

I wore yesterday’s scarf into this gorgeous shop near where I work today which has just started selling clothes (as well as the finest of everything else). The lady who owned the shop commented on my scarf and even said if I made some she’d sell them! It would be so difficult putting a price on them – plus of course I would have to allow for the shops mark-up. It’s such a difficult one covering your costs and a little bit extra for [a small proportion of] your time VS pricing yourself out of the market!

Really the scarf idea belongs to my neighbour too – so I would have to discuss it with her first  ;-) However, I’ve really enjoyed making them so far. Thanks for your comments on my first scarf – I’d love to know what you think to this one. Does it work? 

I’ve got some wonderful ideas for some others too (maritime, steampunk) to name but a few…so watch this space. x