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Sorry I’ve not had chance to write on my blog for a few days – but I’ve been busy busy busy!

Lots of things really – let me share a few of them with you.

On Saturday I went to a fabric fair which is part organised by my friend Cecile.

The hall was full of different coloured and patterned fabrics – all for sale. There were a few lovely designs there – (I didn’t buy any due to the amount we have anyhow!) although I much preferred the tea and cakes that were for sale too – which of course we had to experience.

One fabric did catch my eye on a roll – of chickens and love hearts in a very simple design – Cecile said she’d get me a metre with her staff discount later that day ;-) I’ll share it with you when I collect it – bless her.

From there we went on to the market – as usual. However, I was very good and bought just one item – a Victorian brooch for my friend Emily’s birthday.


My partner and I had been invited to her house that evening for some birthday food and drinks. I wanted to take a little token gift along with a bottle of wine but really couldn’t find anything that took my fancy – until of course I saw this stunning brooch. Despite the price I really couldn’t resist it – it was a perfect present I’m sure you’ll agree.

The evening was a success, it was only a very small soiree of people in Emily’s kitchen – but wine, food and laughter flowed all evening. Emily is vegetarian and cooked the most delicious bean curry along with stuffed potatoes, rice, roasted aubergines,  homemade croquettes and lots of other goodies (I didn’t know what they all were – but they tasted gorgeous!)

On Sunday morning we were up early (I was VERY good and didn’t get drunk) and drove the 100 miles to my parents house. We all went for Sunday lunch to a nearby pub before doing some chores around the house. I also showed my 80 year old Father how to use the internet on my work laptop – he was a dab hand! 

All day Monday we spent in the garden. Both Mum and Dad are elderly now and struggle somewhat with the huge garden they have. They’ve lived in the house for nearly 45 years and their garden is part of their pride and joy. Having 6 children, the garden use to be just lawn and garden plots providing vegetables for the dining table – but over time they have built their own pond, rockery, greenhouse, patio area, flower borders etc and essentially turned it into somewhere where they work throughout the spring and chill during the summer.  

There was lots to be done in preparation for the Summer. I also planted 30 bulbs of giant lillies within the backs of the borders. It was really lovely to spend time with my parents in the garden; – and even the things that they found physically impossible to do they were able to do in a way, through us, through their coaching of my partner and I. We don’t have a garden of our own so it’s especially nice to learn from them – in preparation for when we do!

The weather was cold but very sunny, so we sat and enjoyed tea and biscuits, followed much later by bacon butties in the Summer house together. Well, we had to keep up our strength! I helped with some cleaning chores later before drivng the 100 miles back that evening – exhausted and achey!

We didn’t just return with knowledge and achey bones – we were also laden with fresh veg from the garden; carrots, turnips and leeks. We’re going to either make a stew or a soup with them.

I also returned to an email from my tutor to say I had passed stage 2 of my MA (Masters) course – so obviously that was a very lovely end to an equally lovely extended weekend.