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I’ve been lucky that so far, in my life, I’ve had the chance to visit several different countries including Singapore, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark and Malaysia. But there are plenty more places that I would love to visit, finances allowing, before I die. I wanted to share a few of these with you.

1. China

It’s the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army that I would love to see in particular. When I was a boy, I had a Chinese penpal – I really should have kept in touch with him!

2. Easter Islands

I don’t know what it is about these monumental statues that grabs my attention so – but I’ve always been fascinated by them since first seeing a picture of them at school. I think I’ll continue to Machu Picchu from here as that’s also somewhere else I’d love to go.

3. Egypt

I’ve always hoped that I was an Egyptian in a previous life – although preferably not a slave! Teehee. The Egyptian culture and buildings interest me greatly – and again, always have done – so this is somewhere in my top 5 list of places to visit for sure!

What is it about certain places and cultures that attracts us so? – whereas other periods and civilsiations don’t? Is it some kind of past connection pulling us back? A friend of mine has a nephew who is a Doctor of Auras – he says that our past life makes up 33% of who we are now! He said that I had been a Catholic woman – but maybe my life before that was as an Egyptian Pharoah!? Ok – I’ll go with the slave! Teehee.

4. New York

The US has never been somewhere that I’ve been particular drawn to visit (apologies to all my beautiful American friends) however, a long weekend in New York is appealing for some reason. I don’t think I could cope with the hustle and bustle for much more than 4 days though. I’m also intrigued by Central Park – this beautiful greenery in the centre of such a vibrant place. However, I absolutely love ‘Sex and the City’ so a tour of that is definitely on the cards – what a tourist!!!!

5. Japan

I still haven’t read ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ but whether or not it’s linked to this interest in courtesans or my love of the mini-series ‘Shogun’ in the 1980s as a wee boy, Japan is somewhere I’d love to go. When I was in Singapore, I went to the most stunning Japanese garden and I vowed to return to the real mccoy at some point! I absolutley adore bonsai trees too – and normally have one. Mine has sadly just died – my flat is far too cold for them I’m sure!

6. Petra

Absolutley stunning! All of these buildings carved out of rock continues to wow me. Imagine walking down the Siq and then coming out to the dramatic view of this – Al Khazneh – The Treasury. Breath-taking!

7. Polynesian islands

This does remind me of Bintan – the Indonesian island that I went to 5 years ago. Whether it’s because my star sign is Pisces I’m not sure – but I have a passion for water – and the idea of living just above its level and having a veranda which just overlooked the ocean is my idea of heaven!  Of course in this dangerous world of climate change and rising seas – I wouldn’t want to be too far from land!

8. Bavaria

Views of the Alps and fairytale castles – pure escapism!

9. Iceland

With it’s dramatic extremities of landscape from waterfalls to volcanoes to glaciers to spouting geysers – Iceland is somewhere I’d love to go. And of course, I adore native Bjork’s and Sigur Ros’s music too – so that helps! ;-)

10. India

My parents have been to Goa countless times over the years, and still keep in touch with the many Indian friends they made there. However, it is the Taj Mahal that really draws me to the country. Combining Persian, Islamic and Indian architecture, the mausoleum was built by an Emperor in memory of his wife. You can’t get much more romantic than that!

So, have any of you ever been to these places? What did you think?

Where would YOU most like to go given the choice?

Happy travelling (even if it’s only in your dreams) ;-) x