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Well today’s market was tres disappointing. I did spend my £10 and I did get lots of things for it – but as a whole, the market was abit rubbish. There were one or two items which did catch my eye – but so did their price ticket – and even with my bartering skills, I would have been unable to get them down so low that they were in my price range! Instead I just smiled at the items and thought…another time ;-)

Wanna see what I got for my tenner?

First up is this vintage leather wrap which is fastened by a  buckle, but when opened is full of little sewing / tapestry implements and hooks. It really is rather cute and for £1 I had to get it!

Next up is this leather wind-up tape measure. It has seen better days admittedly – but as a lover of steampunk, it will do wonderfully as a prop for one of my cards. It was only £1 – the seller had similar things and wanted to get rid of them all.

Third, are two pieces of diamond stain glass. I have quite alot of stained glass already propped up against my windows which I love – but these two, at 50p each were a real steal! Originally from a church window, one is of a cross and the other is of what looks like a lily.

I have some old wooden hinged shoe forms which look lovely in my hallway – so when I saw these two children sized cast iron shoe forms I had to get them! Again at 50p each – they are a real bargain and very very heavy! But they look great in the hall next to the others.

Whenever I go home to visit my parents I love using my Mum’s butter knife. Sounds silly, but it’s a lovely size and shape – and it spreads so well! Teehee. I don’t have any proper butter knives as such, so when I saw this set of 6 today for £1, I had to get them! They’re not as ornate as my Mum’s, but they do appear to have a Mother-of-Pearl finish to the handles. 

I use to make my own books out of ephemera – and they are something that I really do need to re-visit and re-make for my planned vintage stall. I will put some pics up of the few I’ve made sometime. So when I saw this ‘Open & See’ book on the market today for £1 I had to buy it. It’s hard back covers will make lovely covers themselves for a new notebook – and the beautiful stories and ornate pictures inside will look gorgeous as little extras hidden inside my books.

Living in Yorkshire, I love all the old textile mills, and have various cotton spools (and such) hidden and dotted around my flat. Today, I found another old industrial wooden bobbin – and at 50p I had to get it. My partner has lots of ribbon and so I was hoping that some of them might fit on this, making wonderful, useful and decorative storage.

I really am picture and photograph mad! Most spare wall space is covered with Victorian photographs, portaits or pictures of some sort or another. And the rest are propped up against tables, cabinets and screens! So, when I saw another picture on the market today, despite wanting to resist, I couldn’t. The frame itself is Victorian – and can be utilised with another print another time – but for now this is propped up near the fireplace in the bedroom. And at a bartered £1.50 –  a real bargain!

Finally, the ornate wooden shelf (I bought a couple of weeks ago) is now in it’s rightful place in the bedroom – and is slowly being filled up with my little curiosites. I saw these two pipes today for 50p and thought they would look sweet sitting on the end of the shelf. They are (obviously) flame damaged, but the wood and metal are still in generally a good condition – and I couldn’t resist at that price. I also plan to use them (as well as some of my other finds today) within one of my HoudiniCards photoshoots! So watch this space.

Hoping next weeks market will be slightly better – but I shouldn’t really complain – as all of these items cost me just £8.50!! Real bargain! I had enough left to buy myself some tulips too ;-) which are one of my favourite flowers! Don’t forget to stop by next week to see what else I’ve been buying!