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My birthday was mid-week this year – so me and my beau set off to York for the day. We try to go at least once a year – and it tends to always be on one of our birthdays. I really love York and could definitely see myself living there – but the good thing is it’s only 50 minutes from where I live at the minute.

Over the years I have found various shops and areas that I always love to visit when I visit York and today was no exception. We went to The French House on Micklegate which is a fave – although very expensive. Find three photographs of the shop below – all of the stuff from which is for sale. (Click on the photos to make them bigger).

I treated myself to a lovely box in which I intend to store some of my cards – I also thought it would be a good investment as a prop should I ever get round to selling cards at a vintage / craft fair. Want to see? At £11 I thought it a bargain.

We walked around the York  Minster and also went to Grays Court a few hundred metres away for a cream tea. Parts of this stunning house dates back to 1080 when it was commissioned by the first Norman Archbishop of York Minster as the official residence of the Treasurer. The property contains several public rooms of architectural and historic interest, including the long gallery. The 90ft oak-panelled room is one of only a few original Jacobean Long Galleries remaining in the UK.

We also found various antique shops and bric-a-brac places which sold some interesting pieces. There was a grandfather clock exhibition in one too – something which both myself and my partner loved. Rooms full of beautiful time pieces, all working, ticking and chiming together.


We  also went to another called ‘The Banana Warehouse’ which I believe is well known in York. It’s full of antiques, bric-a-brac and rubbish! You need to have the patience to rummage through everything – and barter accordingly on the price. There were a set of wooden index drawers that I loved – but as well a being costly, (despite getting money knocked off) they were also very heavy! We were sadly on the train – so the decision whether or not to purchase was taken out of our hands.

Instead I bought some old postcard backs – from lots of different time periods, and thus monarchs, from Queen Victoria – through to Queen Elizabeth II. I’ll be able to use these within my vintage card collages that I make for the backs of my greetings cards that I sell in my Etsy shop.

We also went for some food at tea time overlooking the river. The weather stayed beautiful and sunny – and it was great to see the day grow dark as we chatted and watched the busy city life. Another wonderful day in York.