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Another part of my birthday celebrations was to catch up with a few colleagues over near where we work. After a cream tea – which is great whatever the time of year – and a nearby exploration, we all visited the local vintage fair too which was even better!  It’s organised by my friend Caroline who runs the vintage shop I spoke about on an earlier post – “The House of Rose & Brown”.

I had planned to check it out anyhow as my partner, my neighbour and I had all talked about having a stall together at either a craft or vintage event for our wares. I’ve chatted about it with my friend Abby from Mutterings of the Moor fame too – I think her bears would do well at an event like that! She’s talked about maybe coming up, so, it seemed a good idea to go, get a feel for the place, the competition, the customers and the prices.

It was a really lovely day and the sun was shining. There were two rooms of goods – the big hall and a smaller room just off the hallway. There were a mixture of stalls – from jewellery, to household, to clothes, to records, to handmade, to cakes, to fascinations! You name it – it was there…but all with a vintage feel. The majority of the stall holders dressed up in vintage gear – and a lot of the paying public were also dressed in their Saturday vintage best!

There were lots of lovely sellers there and I ended up networking with two in particular; one of whom runs a shop and expressed a strong interest in selling some of my vintage cards and cushions. Another lady – Cathy – discussed other vintage fairs to me, prices and other handy hints. Her stall was gorgeous and was full of lovely handmade products. I just had to buy two keyrings off her – but really wanted to buy them all!

I was good and bought only one other thing from the fair – a pair of vintage pocket binoculars. I have lots of old cameras, spectacles and opera binoculars – so thought these would go with the collection. I have been thinking of opening another Etsy shop – and selling my vintage finds – so thought that these, as they were boxed too, would be ideal to sell on. What do you think? Watch this space! 

I’ll be definitely going to the next fair – even if we’re not quite ready to have our own stall as yet! I even said to Caroline that I would wheel the upright piano in from the next room and rustle out a few Cole Porter classics as background music! It was an absolutely lovely afternoon and my friends and I were all so glad we made the effort. 

Caroline is also re-opening her vintage shop next week in a combined effort with 4 other sellers. She has also asked if she could buy a small amount of stock off me to sell in her shop as her only featured cards. How great is that! I’ll let you know more about that as it happens.