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As I usually do on the Saturday’s I’m around, I went to the market ;-) I’ve got to know many of the stall holders very well now, so each visit takes longer and longer as I stand and chat to them about life and their latest purchases. Today was no exception – and I thoroughly enjoyed myself – not only because of the gossip but the  fact I bought a few bargain things too! Wanna see?

First up is this stunning box with leather handle. The stall holder said it was a Dr’s medical box – however I believe the crest on the front to be a musician’s emblem. The box is dovetailed and closes with a clasp and hook. Inside the box were 8 glass bottles – 3 of which have a glass stopper too and supposedly once contained poison! The stall holder gave these all in with the price – so a real bargain was had!

I also bought 2 huge pieces of 2 different types of beautiful woolen material for just £1 each. They will be perfect for making (and backing) my cushions and other sewing projects. (Click on any of the photos to see them bigger!)

As you can see from the photo above I also bought a cross pastry cutter for 50p and some vintage cufflinks, which completes my ‘local market’ shopping expedition for today! Of course, the sun was shining, so my beau and I decided to drive onto Todmorden and Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. We like to go once in a while, as there are a few bric-a-brac / antique places that we like to go to.

The first is called Picture House Antique centre. Sadly, it isn’t as good as it used to be, however, I purchased various bits and bobs (dispensary bottles, vintage earthenware, jelly mould etc) for both the kitchen and bathroom. All bargains! 

I can’t wait to use the jelly mould in particular! It’s years since I’ve eaten any, and it’s such a lovely size and shape – perfect! One of the pot bottles I bought interestinly had stamped within it’s clay the words “To buy or sell this bottle is illegal!” I really should have reminded the shopkeeper of that as I handed over my pound (he might have given me it for free!)

The market of Todmorden had some interesting sales too. My beau bought a rare Eurythmics CD for £1.99 which sales on Amazon for £40+ ! I, of course, headed for the vegan cake stand, and bought the most tasty of chocolate, oat and cherry vegan slice which was tres yummmmmy!

Onto Hebden Bridge, we found an old vintage shop run by a young lady called Lucy and her gorgeous dog Coco Chanel! The shop is called interestingly ‘Lucy and the Caterpillar’. Here she is:

I asked her if it was ok to take some photos for my blog and she agreed. Sadly, she stocks very few men’s clothes at present – but this is something that she is currently working on. The rest of the shop is gorgeous anyhow: selling furniture, cards, household items, bedspreads, in fact, you name it..she probably has it! She was really charming and the shop is well worth a visit if you’re ever in town! And yes, she always dresses that way – so don’t even dare ask her!

There are some lovely shops in Hebden (in and amongst tens of juice bars and trendy cafe /wine bars) although sadly, most think it’s ok to shut at 4.30pm on a Saturday! That isn’t my idea of retail heaven, as a few of my fave shops had already shut by the time we’d got to them!  Although it was great to get home, unwrap and photograph the things I’d bought. I borrowed some material off my neighbour as a new photographic backdrop – what do you think? Was seriously thinking of using it for my Etsy shop too. I love the fact that my cards have backgrounds which are vintage and complimentary, although some people on Etsy have mentioned that they wish they could see the card just by itself. I guess I’m happy to indulge them for one picture out of the Etsy 5 at least! What do you think?

So that completes my fun, sunny, wonderful day out and bargain hunting shopping trip – well, for another day at least! x