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Today, I’ve been a very lucky bunny – as I’ve received two belated birthday presents from two wonderful people. Wanna see?

First up, through the post arrived this beautiful ‘Paris’ engraved brooch of the Eiffel Tower that came all the way from America through my friend Cheryl.

I first ‘met’ Cheryl as she bought several of my cards from my Etsy shop. Since then we’ve kept in touch and she now follows this blog, is a frequent commenter  – as well as still my best customer on Etsy!  You can find her own beautiful Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/StoneSchoolVintage which celebrates her love of all things olde. The brooch came in this gorgeous hessian little gift drawstring bag too. I was really moved by her generosity, as through this blog she has become aware of my love of Paris – and brooches – and beautifully combined the two!! I can’t wait to pin it on something and wear it. Thanks so much Cheryl.

Secondly, my best friend Debbie came round to see me today – with her youngest son Dominic – avec my birthday present.

I don’t know the best way to describe this – so perhaps you could all help me out!? To me, it’s a Folk-Art heart-twig wreath which she has coupled with a fabric Easter bunny complete with a rafia bow and love heart. There.

This will be perfect to use all year round for each festive celebration – as I can imagine feeding fresh flowers into its weaves in the summer, pumpkins and cobwebs at Halloween – and ivy and sparkling lights at Christmas – such a versatile little number. Looks great on my door in preparation for Easter anyhow.

What a lucky little bunny I am to have such great friends – with such great taste. x