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After an appointment in the morning, I went to the Tuesday market. It hasn’t been as good recently, but today I managed to find 3 things that I liked for a fair price ;-) Wanna see?

First up is this delightful Saint Teresa Holy water font. Even though I was taught by nuns, I’m not particularly religious anymore – however, I still love iconic imagery – and my hallway has evolved into quite the eclectic assortment of sacred paraphernalia. This has further added to my collection – although I’ve yet to find any holy water! Can you buy it on eBay!?!  

Second up are these vintage decanter tags – brandy and whiskey. I did actually purchase these with my future vintage ‘Etsy’ shop in mind – however, now I have them home, I’ve actually fallen for them!

Despite my plan for another shop, I seriously don’t see how I can make it work – because everything I buy I want to keep! I need to start investing in stuff that I don’t like – but then, I won’t be able to sell it will I, as the pictures and descriptions will lack the passion needed! My eye has learnt to scan each market stall very quickly – and in an instant pick out what it likes and wants to investigate further. But my brain has trained my eye to only search for the things it loves – so I’m doomed!!

I’ve been busy today sorting things for my next MA placement – working within mental health – but took a well deserved break to wash up, make the kitchen look beautiful, clean the kitchen window, re-hang the blind – oh, and make some jelly! Well I have a new mould don’t forget and thought I ought to try it out! I called at the supermarket earlier and picked up some jelly cubes – and made excatly half a pint’s worth.

Truth be known, I’m not massively keen on jelly – but my beau is so I made it for him. He was out at work – so he’s had some for dessert tonight (ok, so I had a few spoonfuls!) I did take a picture of it post-mould – but lets say, it didn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as I’d hoped! I don’t think I’ve made jelly since being a kid – so does anyone know if there’s a nack to getting it out of the mould whilst still retaining it’s perfect shape?

Hope you like today’s finds – stay tuned for more…x