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So, I have spoken a few times now about possibly opening another Etsy shop to sell my flea-market wares. I have toyed with photographing a few and placing them in and amongst my Houdini Cards to gage response – but I feel the card shop works so well by itself, that it will start to feel abit disjointed if other random listings started appearing.

If you haven’t already done so, you can check out my etsy shop here: www.houdinicards.etsy.com

I love browsing around Etsy, but to be honest, I tend to move on to another shop quite quickly if I visit one and it is full of items that don’t go together. Catogories don’t help on these occasions either.

For this reason, I thought I’d open a separate, but related shop. Call it a ‘sister’ or ‘brother’ shop – I don’t mind which. But, I need your help. I thought I’d run a competition on my blog…to name the new shop. I do have something in mind – but, it’s a bit tame and you guys are all so creative – and have such wonderful ideas that I thought I’d pick your brains and put them to the test.

Go through my past listings on here – especially within the category ‘TO MARKET’ where you will find many of the lovely things that I have purchased over the last 3 months I’ve been with you. I’m not selling all of them (I’m far too selfish for that) as there’s some I want to keep definitely for myself! However, these are the kind of items I’ll be buying in the future too – and listing within the new shop.

So, think vintage, think one-of-a-kind, think Houdini.

So, the prize – well I can’t gve away any of my vintage things as yet – otherwise I really will have nothing left for my shop. So…the prize is 3 of my blank greetings cards including free postage to anywhere in the world.  You can choose any 3 cards of your choice (they can be the same, or pulled from box sets already created). Essentially there are 30 listings at present within my Etsy shop – some are single cards, some duos and some box sets of various sizes. The pic attached above showcases just 25 of them. Please visit the shop link (also above) to see the rest (another 35+) of the available cards; – again, choose any 3 you want, and I will post them on to you should you be the lucky winner.

I always think blogs entries get abit lost and forgotton after a few days – so the time frame for this will be short. Suggestions must be received by 7th April 2010 10pm (GMT) which gives 5 full days for you to get your thinking caps on. Is that ok? You’ll not only be doing me a big favour – but you can get yourself some luxury unique vintage cards in the process. Please pass this on to your friends too – in fact tell the world ;-)

Many thanks in advance for your time and suggestions. I can’t wait to hear some of them.