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To wish you all a very ‘Hoppy’ Easter, I thought I’d giveaway one of my Easter scans. I have about 10 different Easter cards – all approximately 100 years old – and had the wonderful idea of turning them into an Easter box set of cards within my Etsy shop. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t get round to doing it! I did one for my parents – which I have already sent – but that’s been it this year – how rubbish am I! I know by giving you this now it’s also a little too late to do anything necessarily with – but the Easter sentiment is still there to you nonetheless.

(Click on the image for a large version of it!)

Posted within France in 1913, the postcard shows a young man holding a bundle of easter eggs (yum) with the words ‘Heureuses Paques’ which simply means ‘Happy Easter’. The card is written on the back in beautiful writing from a son to his parents, informing them that he won’t be returning for Easter after all, but wishes them a good day. 

The usual blurb: I haven’t photoshopped it or anything – I will leave it up to you to edit should you wish to do so. Please feel free to do with it what you will – in fact, send me a photograph of how you’ve used it! However, just please do not sell it as is, or as a downloadable scan. Enjoy!

Houdini vous souhaite à tous une Joyeuse Pâque. Ne mangez pas trop de chocolat! x