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Another wonderful weekend of nostalgia.

Me and my beau went home to my parents and helped out in the garden for the entire time. The sun was beautiful and Saturday was particularly gorgeous and warm. We helped my parents set up the pond for spring; re-positioning and cleaning the pump and filter system. It’s running now and the fish are very happy again. I love the sound of flowing water too.

I prepared lots of soil (using last years tomato pots soil, bonemeal and compost) and planted loads of plants for my mum in the borders and pond area whilst my beau, with expert tuition and help from my Dad, set up the sticks for runner beans and the peas before planting red and white onions, spring onions, peas and broad beans. Lots and lots of other jobs were done around the garden and greenhouse which took up the entire two days we were there. It was very relaxing and therapeutic to be outside, especially with the rockery so full of butterflies and ladybirds. It was lovely to spend such quality time with my parents, helping them now they are elderly, doing what they love the most. We also helped with some chores around the house before driving back very late!

I was, however, a little naughty and popped to the local car boot / bric a brac at the nearby cattle market on Sunday morning. I made it a quick visit, but absolutely loved strolling around, looking at other people’s wares and trying to get the best deal on them. I bought many things for my new Etsy shop ‘Houdini House: Escape to the past’  including an anchovy dish (complete with fish lid), serving spoon set, vintage tea strainer and holder and Rolls ‘Viscount’ razor amongst other things. My favourite purchase, by far though, was an oak wooden church lecturn from a priory in Leicester. Want to see?

I love anything like this and so it isn’t going to be for sale! (well however could I post!!) It really is very tall – over 5 and a half feet in fact! I’ve currently positioned it next to my piano, complete with a music book full of favourite gospel songs and sea-shanties. It looks fab – and at just £10 was a real bargain!! When I asked him the price, I thought he’d say at least £50 as a starting price – so of course, I snapped his hand off when he said ‘A tenner!’ – I didn’t even barter! Very unlike me! ;-)

Also, we all had a bet on the Grand National! This was always a family custom as a child every April – 25p each way (!!) on the horse of our choice (often with eyes shut and a sharp pencil stab on the newspaper listings!) Even though I normally find it quite cruel, I placed a bet, as for the first time in many many years, I was sat with my Mum and Dad watching the big race – just like old times! Without any knowledge at all of the horses or odds, I chose ‘Conna Castle’ which apparently (I found out afterwards) had the worst odds of the race, but yet, was winning for the majority! He burned himself out slightly too soon and slipped into 6th place just prior to the last fence! No one in the family picked the winner, yet my dad chose second place (Black Apalachi) and my beau chose third place (State of Play) so the race wasn’t a complete financial ruin! Thankfully no jockeys or horses were seriously hurt either!