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Today I helped my beau set up an Etsy shop. He is a nurse, but an artist by degree and trade – who has recently been designing simple pictures solely using fabric. What do you think to two of his latest creations?

He has been making loads of different ones but has only just started framing them. To spur him on even more we decided to set up his own Etsy shop today – called ‘Art Amour’. You can check it out here. However attached below is a copy of his banner I designed which utilises one of my snow angel pictures.  Am sure you’ll recognise it!

So what do you think? Keep checking back to his shop as he’ll be starting to list soon! And if you have any custom orders then let me know.

Today has been beautiful weather wise – so me and my beau found ourselves out and about at the market amongst other places including the fabric haunt that we love so much. I got talking to the owners wife, who was absolutley lovely, who then started showing us different fabrics: – some new ones she had in and some that she loved in particular herself. There were also some new stunning tweeds and tartans from Scotland. I just had to treat myself to one!!! Wanna see?

It really is so much more gorgeous in the flesh let me tell you – and feels so soft! I couldn’t resist! I’ll be making myself both a cushion and a scarf out of that for sure.  Or maybe I should just go for a kilt!! Phwoar! LOL

Sadly, the tweed remnant bin was very very very low – so I invested in just a little more for my own collection. It’s great to have in for when I feel ‘sewing machine’ creative. I thought I might even commission a few tweed pictures from my beau to go on the bedroom wall! (Sorry to those who have messaged me about getting some tweed for them – there’s been quite a few of you now – there really wasn’t enough, but hopefully another time when it gets re-stocked!) My beau also bought some different fabrics for some future projects. Take a look at it all:

I also had a go at making another spoon today – but it’s only my second (so be kind!) I’m slowly getting the hang of it! What do you think? It’s hard to get the lettering precise – sometimes it slips too!! – but I suppose it just adds to the charm of it all.


Also, my HoudiniHouse Etsy shop is 2 weeks old today – (!!!) – and the good news is that out of the 4 items I’ve listed to date, I’ve already sold two! Yay! This sardine dish and these opera compact binoculars have already gone! I’m very impressed!

Only 2 items left in the shop – so I’d better get listing!!! There’s lots more to tell you – and share – but I’ll save some of that for another day. I’ll say cheerio for now as I’m going to go have a glimpse around some other blogs. I’ve been busy with my M.A. again – been on a residential – started a brand new placement – as well as starting back at work after the Easter hols so it’s all been abit busy, so I’ve not had as much chance to check you all out as usual sorry!

Anyhow, leave me a comment to say hello – I always love getting messages. Good night x