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Sorry I haven’t been around much this week – it’s been the usual hectic with always something needing doing or sorting which has left very little time to blog or indeed anything else at times.

First up – I have been commisioned to write a song for a show. I can’t give too much away at the moment because nothing has been finalised but I’m very excited by it as it will be directed by a well known London director and performed by a well known actor too – so watch this space. I have completed both the music and the lyrics now which currently has a working title of ‘Making Time’.  I’ll let you know more as and when it happens – although it opens in Yorkshire in October before going on a short tour to Berkshire, London and Glasgow too.

Me and my beau have also been home to my parents again to help in the garden and the house.  I cleaned the house top to bottom for my mum (she trained me well!) as well as sorting the pond (the pump had stopped) and planting cauliflowers, carrots, radishes, beetroot…amongst many other jobs outside and in the greenhouse.  Two days later we returned home – to rest! Thankfully with it being Bank Holiday Monday here, I was off so able to catch up with my own errands and other things that needed doing here, but we had a lovely time. I also found time to hoover my car – so now it looks beautiful! (Inside at least!)

I also went to the market (as I do) and bought several things including an old unframed map of the town where I live, three vintage sewing machine drawers, some silver spoons for my garden markers and a Coronation Souvenir Programme from 1936 for George VI.

The drawers had been bought in mind of storage for my cards – but sadly they are slightly too small. Instead I think they will look lovely housing my friend Abby’s tooth fairy bears that she has been making for our planned stall.   They’ll add character to the stall anyhow, whatever the use. What do you think?

I’ve also been busy making cards and taking photographs of other objects to sell in both my shops: Houdini Cards and Houdini House. I’ll add a picture  of three new ones – as well as a brooch I intend to list for sale in my shop tonight (see here) which simply states ‘MOTHER’. I think it’s beautiful and did buy it for myself – but just haven’t worn it ever!

What do you think to it? I’ve also been taking some photographs for my beau’s shop which my cat has found most amusing! She decided to stand next to the glowing fire / heater in the hallway to check that I was doing it all correctly!

…and yes she pounced!

A few things from my busy week…lovely to make contact again…catch up with you soon…x