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I wanted to share with you some instruments that I bought from eBay last week. Feast your eyes on this set of 15 hand chimes ranging from C5 to G6 – just over a whole octave and a half (including semi-tones). You play them from the wrist so that the rubber spring strikes the metal tubing, creating the most beautiful of bell-like sustained pure sounds.

They retail for a quite alot of money on the internet, but luckily I purchased these at a small fraction of the cost! I have used them already in my training as a music therapist – and the clients absolutely adore them as much as I do. Randomly playing the notes creates a calm, pure almost meditative soundscape over which you can sing, or simply listen.

The other instrument I’m excited about having is one I’ve borrowed from university for my M.A. placement.

This gorgeous 12 stringed lyre is made out of maple wood and is tuned to the diatonic scale. Again, the sound of this instrument is stunning! I could sit and play it all day – and I have already composed a song with it. For those of you still unsure – think of a harp – this is from the same family and is of a similar timbre, although tends to be strummed as opposed to plucked. 

Days like this, surrounded by such beautiful instruments and sounds makes me proud to be a musician – and I am even luckier to be able to play them as part of my work; whilst facilitating others to particpate, explore and enjoy the rich soundscapes too.