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My friend Trishia from FrenchKissed introduced me last month to the website Postcrossing, which is essentially a forum for people to send postcards to each other, to and from all over the world. It’s goal is to connect people independent of their location, age, gender, race or beliefs. In a modern world of emails, it’s great to receive post other than bank statements and junk mail! Over 4 million postcards have been sent so far through the website. And, isn’t it great to receive something handwritten!!??

I joined last month, but to receive a postcard, I first had to send one to someone else. I received an address of a gentleman in the USA, who lived 4619 miles away from me. I sent him a postcard of an old film star, which dated from at least 75 years ago. Postally unused, it was great to send something so old through the modern day postal system – and write him a  little personal messgae from across the sea.

And today I recieved a gorgeous postcard in return through my letterbox from a lady in Russia of Moscow’s Cathedral, travelling 1563 miles to get to my doorstep.

I’ve got lots of Victorian and Edwardian postcards that I’ll never turn into greetings cards – and some of them are still unused postally. I think I’ll photograph and package some for sale in my Etsy shop whilst keeping a few others just for my correspondance with people across the world.

Now I’ve got the buzz, I clicked on the send postcard button again tonight and received the details and address of a young lady in Germany for my next communication. I’ve already chosen the postcard to be used. It reminds me of my days when I was young, when I had several penpals from around the world.

I think this website is ideal for everyone, but children in particular, as it encourages them to write, to communicate, to learn about geography, to use local services – and to remember that there IS life outside of the computer. If you’d like to find out more about this website, then click here.