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Well it’s been a  few busy days – so I’ve not had much chance to post anything. So, I thought I’d say just a few words tonight before I hit the bath! It’s been sooooo hot and sticky today that I want to freshen up. Sadly I don’t have a shower – it’s times like this that I really wish I had one!!

So what have I been up to? Well I’ve been to the market as usual and bought a few lovely things – including these chandelier drops.

They’re not actually for me – I’ve bought them instead on behalf of my cyber-friend Madeleine who I introduced you to last week. She makes the most beautiful chandeliers – and when I saw these beauties I immediately thought of her. We’ve been in touch – and I have bought them on her behalf. I’ve wrapped them up and posted them off to her today. I can’t wait to see what beautiful creation she makes with them.

I’ve also bought a beautiful old picture in a gorgeous old oak frame. It dates from 1897 and was given in celebration to a gentleman called Mr Walter Tudor in commemoration of his marriage to a Miss Baker. It was presented to him by the clergy, church wardens and choristers of Weston-By-Runcorn in Cheshire in recognition of “his invaluable services as a mentor of the choir for 16 years without a break and in the hope that he may long be spared to continue such valuable help.” I wonder if Miss Baker put her foot down!!

I hate it when treasures like this end up on a market stall. 113 years later – does none of their family exist? Surely someone is related to this couple. A picture like this is a family researchers dream!! I’ve watched it from afar for several weeks – and no one seemed interested  – so I bought it instead to give it a good home.

I’ve actually just looked at Genes Reunited – and there is a Walter Tudor who is listed as being born in 1869 in Runcorn. I will have to renew my membership at some point so that I can make contact with his relatives. Maybe one day the picture will be reunited with its rightful family?!

I’ve been buying some other vintage trinkets and wares too – some for me and some for my Houdini House shop. Want to see a few? Find below an old iodised throat tablet tin, an old brass clock front and a wooden shoe makers mould.

I’ve also bought a few new postcards for my Etsy card shop. Take a look at these beauties! I have another from the same set and intend to turn them into a 3 pack of vintage ladies greetings cards for my Houdini Cards shop. Watch this space…

Thanks also to all those of you who voted for me in the Dorset Cereals blog bonanza. Up until yesterday I was second – but have just slipped into 3rd place – so if you haven’t already voted for me, then please follow the link on the right hand side of my blog page or click here. Please only vote once.  Within a day the leader has propelled herself forward by 30 votes – she was obviously scared! She also obviously has more friends than I do! LOL Let’s give her a run for her money!

I’ve also been chatting to my dear friend Abby from Mutterings fame, and we have arranged for her and her beau to come and visit for the weekend in June to talk vintage market stalls and catch up on our uni days. I can’t wait ;-) It’s her birthday tomorrow too – so don’t forget to pop by her blog to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Thanks for stopping by x