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Well another Eurovision has come and gone – and yet again the UK has come last! The third time in 8 years that this has happened. Politics and tactical voting was just as evident – although Germany became the victorious country for the first time in 28 years.

Apparently, the song recently hit number one in its home country – and has since proved popular over Europe prior to last nights contest. This must have been the contributing factor to its success – as all I heard was a Kate Nash-esque (AKA naff) song about a girl in love: “I went everywhere for you, I even did my hair for you, I bought new underwear that’s blue, And I wore it just the other day! Love my aim is straight and true, Cupid’s arrow is just for you, I even painted my toenails for you, I did it just the other day…!” All very cute and all that, but ask me to hum it, and I wouldn’t have a clue where to start!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that something else to the normal Euro formulaic ballad, anthem or pop-extravaganza won – but it really wasn’t the best song – simple as! And as for the UK entry – I wrote about this months ago here when it was first chosen. But to come last, again, is getting abit of a joke! I know someone has to, and it truly wasn’t the greatest song – but again – it wasn’t the worst song either, simple as! 

I’ve always been a huge Eurovision fan since being a young boy. Part of its attraction is its kitschness, nostalgia – and I’m completely aware of how cringe-worthy it really is – but I also love the fact that people, from all over Europe, come together to celebrate their love of music – whilst other people from all over the world also tune in to view this spectacular spectacular! As Madonna said “Music makes the people come together!”

However, gone are the days when people performed in their traditional dress whilst playing and singing songs in the style of their musical heritage and language. Most people sing now in English – and try to ‘out-do’ each other with the most adventurous of outfits and dance routines – most of which have nothing to do with their song at all!

The UK is one of the Big 4 countries (along with Germany, France and Spain) who automtically qualify to perform in the final due to being the biggest financial contributors to the production of the Eurovision Song Contest. The UK have also saved the competition three times by hosting it when the winning country has refused to the following year. However, despite the Eurovision being up there, for me, with huge celebrations of the year (like my birthday and Christmas) – I truly think it’s time for the UK to pull out, at least for a few years – and definitely cease it’s huge financial involvement in what is nothing more than a political farce for our country!

And if and when we do decide to rejoin, the powers that be need to start looking for talent who can actually perform (e.g. sing, dance and move – with just a little bit of stage presence) – which sadly means looking further than local karaoke competitions – which appears to the basis of recent years! I know tens of singer / songwriters who could write something so much better than the rubbish we’ve been recently submitting (Sir Andrew aside) – and I also believe that the BBC should be encouraging and allowing such musicians to come forward to truly celebrate the talent of the UK!

Only then might we just be taken slightly seriously again in the competition!

I still took last night as an opportnity to host a little soiree for some friends, cook some food – eat, drink and be very very merry – avec scoresheets, shots for key changes, flags, sweepstakes and skype-ing with other friends hosting similar parties! My personal favourites were Iceland, Belgium (well he did look good in those trousers!) and Israel. 

Do you know what…forget what I said above – here’s to next year!!! ;-)