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I’ve just seen something today whilst ‘noseying’ on other people’s blog’s – namely A Succulent Life’s that I thought I’d share with you: http://www.drawingday.org/ This event is taking place this Saturday – the 5th June, hoping to encourage everyone, worldwide, to drop everything and draw for the sake of art! What a fab idea! If you do – please share your pictures on your blog as I’d love to see them! I might even have a little go myself – but then, truth be told, I’m a musician – not really an artist! I can paint by playing the piano, creating soundscapes and landscapes that way – but art? Sadly not, but I do wish I could paint! I’ll give it a go anyhow!

I also wanted to share a picture of the beautiful cushion that I won through Abby’s Cancer Fundraising event. I hardly win anything ever – so to have my ticket pulled out was fantabulous! The cushion was kindly donated by Amber – and contains some beautiful pink ribbon fabric symbolising breast cancer awareness.

You might also remember me sharing a picture of the chandelier drops that I purchased on behalf of Madeleine from the local market? Well, I can tell you that not only has Madeleine received them, but she has already started to use some of them – on this little lavendar and heather beauty below – which as we speak is on its way to Japan for display! Stunning!

I have also had a very interesting morning today (which I wanted to mention) – looking on the 1911 census website for my ancestors. My father and I have already traced the family tree back to 1615 – but this morning’s research was about my grandparents – who were both young children in 1911. As I’m seeing my father tomorrow, I wanted to have a printout of both of his parents’ households. This wasn’t to add any further information that wasn’t already known – but instead, to provide more documents for the collection – especially as it was also possible to download a copy of the original transcription – including my ancestors handwriting and signature.

Apparently, similar to some opinions of today, alot of people filling in census’s of old begrudged passing on personal information  to the authorities – and this is something that I witnessed myself today by the hand of my own Great Grandfather!

Thomas Randall was the proud father of 10 children  – one of whom was my Grandmother. However, this ‘completed’ census forms states that he was a single man. On asking his age he writes – too X [many?] to mention! On relationship to the head of the household he wrote ‘Head & Tail’! For personal occupation he wrote ‘Anything / Nothing Special’. On whether he worked at home he scribed ‘sometimes!’ and for his birthplace he wrote ‘Co. Leicester I believe!’ The infirmity column is sadly blocked off by the census people anyhow, which is a shame as he was bound to have written something in there too!!

Thankfully, we know all the missing details – and so not reliant on its data to continue our search – so instead can enjoy the 100 year old humour – in the knowledge that this [in the words of my family] is obviously ‘where I get it from!’