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Well I’ve had a long weekend at home with my parents, helping in the garden again. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of the full garden as I had decided to take some on the last day – on which, of course, it decided to rain non-stop! 

The previous two days had been scorchingly hot so I planted out all the bedding plants in the front – and I was very proud of it even if I say so myself. I loved the different coloured Osteospermum’s in particular!

I even started painting the gates which were also long overdue. The burgundy colour that my parents usually had seems to have dropped into obscurity – so we got a lovely British Racing Green-esque colour instead. Lawns were cut, edges trimmed and other flowers and vegetables planted within the borders and allocated patches. The pond had also stopped which demanded a complete clean and re-haul of the pump and filter system. Essentially each day was full and we didn’t stop until late at night; when my beau and I would enjoy a beer out at the Summer House, relaxing next to the running pond, together.

As my parents had a new sprinkler, I decided to try it out on the ever-growing borders and lawn. As we sat there drinking our beer, one by one tens of frogs climbed out of the pond to find out what all the water was about! A lot started jumping around on the lawn, clearly enjoying the spray; whilst some stayed on the security of the pond sidelines, watching the rest frog-dancing. I couldn’t resist nipping inside for my camera and snapping a few of them up close!

After this little geezer disappeared, another 3 jumped out and stood watching, very casually, like members of the main frog gang!

I think they also liked the thunder, lightening and torrential rain that appeared two nights later too! It reminded me of being a child where I would stand either in the greenhouse or summer house with my Dad, counting the seconds in between the thunder. Apparently it determined in miles how far away the storm was (although I knew that this was something given to do so that we didn’t get as scared!) Believe it or not, I even resisted singing ‘My Favourite Things…’