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This weekend I had a very special visit from one of my very special friends – Abby AKA Mrs Mutterer. We met at university – almost 17 years ago and have remained friends ever since. We’ve seen each other through lifes ups and downs – and even though we live 240 miles apart – we still make the effort to keep in touch; either by post, email, phone or in person.

Time has been much kinder to Abby than me; my hair is disappearing along with the view of my feet! But hey, I’m content! It was nice to get all of the old university photos out and reminisce and laugh about the clothes we wore – the rings we had in our noses (Abby still has) and the carefree way we’d socialise on an evening.

We had a great weekend of talking, eating, late nights, early mornings and sight-seeing. I took Abby to my favourite flea-market; it was somewhere we use to go occasionally as students – but has since become one of my favourite haunts. We both bought a few items each – my purchases included these beautiful weighing scales in a stunning wooden and glass cabinet – and another old leather cased tape measure.

Afterwards I took Abby to Saltaire – the beautiful model village that I have blogged about before. It houses beautiful vintage shops as well as the converted mill full of books, art, lillies and opera. The weather was gorgeous so we sat by the canal and ate our lunch whilst taking more photographs! We also called on the way home at a stunning architectural antique, reclamation and salvage yard which was full of very beautiful and mostly overpriced goods!

In between food we also visited the local graveyard – home of all of my snow angels with a view to take a publicity shot for me. You may all remember me mentioning the song I’d written for a show quite recently; well, a publicity blogsite is up and running and I need a photograph and bio for it. I’ll keep you posted about when I feature! Needless to say, Abby (just as she did my CD cover 7 years ago) took the final chosen picture.

The final day we also visited an arts festival in Holmfirth – full of creative artists, photographers, jewellery, ceramics, knitters, live music and other generally artistic people! Holmfirth is also the home of the [ancient] TV programme ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’! We had our photo taken outside Compo’s cafe – as we had done 17 years before on our first visit. We then completed an action packed weekend by going for a gorgeous award winning carvery at a nearby pub. I don’t have the picture of my oversized filled plate – I await Abby’s email for that one! 

It was sad to see Abby go – especially as the weekend went by so fast and had been so enjoyable – but my beau and I just collapsed in a heap on the sofa afterwards, stuffed, capable of very little, whereas poor old Abby had a further 5 hour drive ahead of her! I love weekends like this!