This is the flyer image from the show that I have written my song for.

It’s called ‘The Last Cuckoo’ and opens in Yorkshire in October! The publicity blurb goes like this…!

The year is 2050 and the world has changed beyond all recognition.

In a decaying house on the edge of a desert Ethan Page, a down to earth former second-hand car salesman and pub quiz-master, attended by a girl who can’t or won’t speak, sifts through his personal memory archive in an attempt to make sense of his life and his forty year mission to memorize…

“…stuff that might be important…significant…of use to someone.”

Part ‘an audience with…’ part ‘pub quiz’ with a song and a smattering of horse racing wisdom, The Last Cuckoo is a theatrical tour de force, beautifully lyrical, poignant and darkly comic.

Julie Bokowiec’s playful and inventive stage play is stylishly directed by BAFTA nominated David Tucker (Lark Rise to Candleford & Where The Heart Is) and perfectly accented with a set by the award winning designer Charles Cusick Smith.

Stay tuned for more details…and maybe even an excerpt from the song!