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Hello! Long time no see!

I’ve been busy with my M.A. – with my paid employment – and with other responsibilities and engagements I’d committed myself to. I kept meaning to drop by and say hello – but to make matters worse – in and amongst all of this, my poorly computer died, completely! Kaput!

Thankfully, a friend was selling a re-conditioned one for just £30 – so I drove to Derbyshire to her house and collected it. My beau and I went the scenic route over the tops of the nearby moors. This view is about 8 miles from where I live.

Thankfully I had finished and uploaded my assignment prior to all of this happening. It was quite a relief to get it done and finished at the eleventh hour! I do work best under pressure – and at the last minute – although I wish I wasn’t always quite like that! It really is no good for the health!

I also played the piano, djembe and sang at a friends 60th birthday party nearby at the weekend. I did a mixture of some background music – as well as a recital of my own songs later on in the night.  It was a lovely evening full of champagne, great company and music; with other groups / friends playing also, making the night a truly unique and special occasion. This is a photograph of her house – stunning – as well as one of me seated at her baby grand!

I’ve also been home again to my parents house – the majority of time of which we were helping in the garden. The weather was gorgeous (albeit a little windy) so we were able to sit and eat outside on both days next to the running pond. I love going home, seeing my folks and pottering around in the garden – it’s so therapeutic – and it also makes me want to have my own plot to potter in! I took lots of pictures of the garden for my folks – as well as photographs of some of their flowers.

Talking of which – my beau and I went to look at a new house to rent yesterday. It had beautiful mullion windows and a private garden – although sadly was too small for my piano, grandfather clock and dining table – none of which I’m prepared to get rid of!

As you can see, the house is really sweet (although the website photos make it look somewhat nicer!) The location was great – the stone fireplace and window seat was particularly gorgeous – but there were also lots of cons to the house too. Ultimately, our move is going to become such a big event that I need our next abode to be completely right. Even though I could admire and appreciate the house (and the fact it is a Grade II listed building) – essentially there really wasn’t enough room for half of my stuff – plus I couldn’t imagine myself living there. Somewhere similar – just not there – and my beau felt the same. I’ll keep you informed of other locations – as we have our eye on a few others too!

I’ve also developed an obsession for old alphabet lettering – and have purchased several sets – for personal use around the home – as well as for possible sale within my HoudiniHouse shop. I also have some of the letters sitting above my doorways – spelling out lovely words such as ‘HOME’ and ‘YOU & I’.

Anyhow, that’s a very short version of some of the things I’ve been up to the last 10 days. It’s lovely to be back – I really have missed you all! I’ll check out all your blogs over the coming couple of days – so please bear with me.