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Today, my beau and I drove to Hebden bridge. It’s only a 40 minute drive away and I always love looking around it’s picturesque shops, antique centres and beautiful surroundings. It’s where I found Lucy and the Caterpillar on an earlier post; it’s where I bought my handmade pottery many years ago – it’s also where I nearly moved in a previous relationship (in what seems a previous life!)

I bought some old photographs and postcards – some of which I will share with you on another post. I also bought a lovely vintage yellow coloured glass dish for the kitchen – as well as these 100 dinara notes.

Further research tonight has dated these to 1941 – they are actually Serbian and were used in Yugoslavia for a 3 year period. The stall holder had literally hundreds of them. He told me that he had bought them off a lady who found them under the bed of her now deceased Father. Apparently they became completely worthless after this 3 year period but he had kept them! The internet has also informed me that in 1937: 250 dinara = 1 British pound – so essentially these were worth 40p each! (That’s 60 cents to my American friends). I bought 15 off him – as I liked the look of them (the back is also very beautiful) and to also use within a heart ‘art piece’ I have in mind for my next creation (so watch this space!)

“If I had a little money, it’s a rich man’s world!”