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There’s nothing better than receiving a parcel in the post! (Well OK there are lots of better things – but when it’s something you’ve been wanting and now expecting, the thrill is definitely great when it finally arrives!) Today was like that. I purchased 2 sets of wooden alphabet printing blocks from the internet – and they arrived this morning! Wanna see?

I’ve been having lots of fun making up different words – including for my two Etsy shops. I’ve won some others too – so when I get them delivered I’ll be able to be more verstaile with letters and fonts. For the time being I’ve had to make do with different sized ‘I’s and ‘S’s to fulfill the spelling!

I’ve also done one for my beau’s ‘Art Amour’ shop too! I’ve also had a go at writing some words including ‘Marry Me?’ – what a lovely way to be proposed to – to find this message hidden somewhere by one’s beau! I think I’m going to list that one in my shop and hope that someone buys it to use! (I’m such an old romantic!!!!)

I also went down to the Tuesday market today and got myself a few little bargains including this lovely old wooden box – which will house all of my wooden blocks perfectly!

Isn’t it lovely?! I also got a lovely Victorian picture with gold mount of a Mother and baby together which is tres cute. There’s also another over-mantle wooden mirror that I’ve fallen in love with on the market. It’s being sold by a lady that I’ve got to know and she has said she’ll do me a special price on it! Sadly, I’ve nowhere for it – so I was wondering about the kitchen!? I’m getting desperate for space – I really need to move to a bigger house! But I like it here – it’s a big Victorian house split into flats – I’m in the attic with eaves and velux windows! It’s lovely! The kitchen is fairly small so a mirror might make it look bigger – ? – but then I’m also after a vintage plate rack at some point so I need room for that!!

This week has also been exciting as my beau has had two pictures displayed in a nearby Arts Festival – with 20% of all profits going to MacMillan cancer charities. Sadly he didn’t sell either of them, which really would have been a bonus. However, the whole point had been to get his work seen whilst becoming part of the local arts circuit. I found myself talking to the daughter of the original founders – and got on with her like a house on fire! (Her humour is very dry, just like mine!) She’s taken my details and officially I’m now a part of the team for next year’s exhibition: sorting, arranging, hanging and labelling all of the pictures!

This is one of my beau’s exhibited paintings entitled ‘Winter’. It shows a horse in love with a fairground horse – and is one of my faves of his due to it’s colours and simplicity. The other is called ‘Fade to Grey’ and shows two angular androgenous models side by side. Both of these paintings are fairly BIG – so obviously look quite striking in a room.

Also, what do you think to my ‘new look’ blog? I’ve changed my overall theme – and am also able to change the header and background with this one – something which I like. So, expect to see a different picture every week! Ciao for now x