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There’s been a new addition to my family! A little Jack Russell Terrier – currently called Ben! My parents have always had alsations – although since losing their last one, Major, last year, had decided that they would have no more dogs. Until this little beauty came along, desperate for a home…

Isn’t he gorgeous! I’m not normally a fan of little dogs – but he looks so adorable! I haven’t met him as yet, this is a picture that my sister took on her visit at the weekend. I have a busy week ahead so probably won’t get chance to drive the 100 miles to meet him until after then. But I can’t wait to see him and give him a big kiss and a cuddle!

I’ve had a wonderful day at placement today too. I have been working with a guy who refuses to sing saying that he can’t…but I’ve managed to get him to vocalise for over 25 minutes today – so I’m really chuffed – with both myself and him! However, I feel absolutely knackered tonight for some reason – so I’m about to go and lay in the bath before completing some work for the Summer School I’m teaching on tomorrow. That’s before a spot of reading…and then bed! Catch you soon x