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As promised, I have changed my banner and background once again. This time to the wooden blocks that I have recently been blogging about. I love them – and have bought some more!!! ;-) Wanna see?

I was like a big kid when the parcel arrived – they were packaged up so well too – a box within a box – with lots of wrapping – it was like Christmas! As you can see, I’ve been filling my recently acquired wooden box with them too – don’t they look fab!! So much so, that I don’t want to sell any of them!  

However, I’ve had a go at making a few words again this afternoon and also taken a few snapshots outside – with a view to potentially putting them within my Houdini House Etsy shop – what do you think?

I also did the version for ‘Marry me?’ – but sadly, due to the inversion of the letters it doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped – plus the ‘?’ looks a little like a ‘g’ but I might put it in my shop nonetheless and see if there’s any hearts or interest.

The postman also delivered something else today that I’d been expecting. I’d found out about Moo cards through my friend Abby from Mutterings From The Moor fame and decided to have some made up. I went for the mini cards as I thought they’d look good on the stall – plus they might even double up as price tags for any stock. Wanna see them?

When I went to order them they had a 30% off weekend sale – which made them even more of a bargain! I won’t lie, I was slightly disappointed in the quality of some of them. The cut was a little jagged on a few – but overall I’m pleased – and just over £11 for 100 isn’t too bad I guess.

I’ve been on a music therapy residential these last few days although felt far too unwell to go in today sadly. I’ve been aching all over – with a sore throat, headache and abit of dizziness (abit more than usual! ;-) so decided to just chill today which has been lovely and much deserved. I’ve had a relaxing morning at home, a gentle nosey and stroll around the second hand market, a latte in town – which was followed by a little nose around your blogs at home – which has been truly great. So thanks for letting me share my day with you.