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Well this is my 100th post – so I really wasn’t quite sure what to write about and whether to mark it in some way!? I’ve been racking my brains wondering what subject to choose or what photograph to highlight- but I still haven’t got a clue; so I thought I’d start writing instead, whilst sharing some of the things that I’ve been doing – and seeing what happens!

Last night I met some friends and we went to a pub quiz. Yes, we won! We only got 23 out of 30 – but this led to a tie break question with another team – which WE got correct! The prize was four pints – between 5 of us – which was pretty poor…but fine I guess, as I was driving!

It got me thinking this morning about my friends local bar; we have spoken about the possibility of her running a pub quiz type event every Wednesday and I have volunteered not only my quiz-master services – but also some questions. So, as my partner is on nights – and in bed – (and I’m on holiday…having to be quiet!!!) – thought I’d start compiling my quiz!

I started with a picture quiz – and being record mad – decided that I would crop album covers for the particpants to try identify. I think they’re all really easy – but then they’re all albums I have – and compiling the sheet yourself always helps! I’ve aranged the cropped covers in a grid – just for you guys to have a look at – why not even attempt it yourself and post your answers in the comments slot below? I know one or two of you will be able to do this no problem (Mutterer Steve!) but I had fun doing it anyhow, and hopefully it might get used at some point by the bar. There’s a point each for the artist’s name and the album title.

 So, how well did you do? I’ve also sat and written another 30 questions based on general knowledge, famous quotes and things to do with numbers for extra quiz questions.

Anyhow, yes my holiday started yesterday – kind of – I’ve finished my MA and my placement for the summer – and I also finished work yesterday. So technically I have 5 weeks off now!!! Yay!!! There are things that I need to do – like visit my parents – take my Mum out for the day on her birthday and on other day trips, record the song for ‘The Last Cuckoo’ at the university studios – and various other little things. Sadly, we’ve not booked to go away anywhere – mostly because we can’t afford too much at the moment. So if any of you out there would like two lovely clean smiley tidy grateful visitors – then please let me know!!! Teehee.

I’m hoping that once uni is over and I’m fully qualified I will be able to get more work – and at a higher rate of pay – so that holidays might become a possibility! There’s so many places that I would love to go! In 5 years my partner and I have only been abroad once – and that was to stay with some friends of mine who live in Vienna.  I’ve been looking for cheap deals / apartments / caravans / cottages on eBay as a just in case. I’ve also got it in my head that I’d like to go and stay in Lyme Regis, down on the South Coast. My friend Abby took us last year for the afternoon – which I throughly enjoyed. There’s a fab website specialising just in cottages in and around Lyme – so that’s been interesting…(and heartbreaking) looking at that every day. There are some gorgeous properties on there – but with a gorgeous price tag to match! I’m sure something will come up.

What else? My partners car has just failed its MOT and we have been quoted £700 to get it fixed! My own car is 11 years old now and needs some serious work doing on it – but amazingly my Dad has decided to give me his car instead of selling it. He’s 80 now and doesn’t drive anymore so quite often it’s just sitting on the driveway at my parents house. He said he doesn’t want anything for it and that he is just happy to help out. This has meant that I’ll be able to give my car to my partner – and the local MOT place has agreed to complete the work needed in exchange for my partners car! Perfect! It’s all abit complicated and I am worried that it won’t all go according to plan -so watch this space!

I still have reading and indexing to do (etc) for my course -and new curriculums to understand, implement and write schemes and tasks for workwise for September – but I also need to be doing some more creative things with my time – now that I’m freer for the Summer. I have hundreds of postcards still waiting to be transformed into something else – plus I have spoons to be stamped, vintage wares to photograph, list and sell, books to be bound, scarves to be sewn, cushions to create, songs to be sung, wooden blocks to be ‘worded’ as well as a whole flat to sort through and spring clean! (Yeah, am a bit late this year!!) So there’s absolutely plenty to be getting on with!

Thanks for stopping by and many thanks for reading – there’s always just enough people passing through to make my 100th post worthwhile.