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I’ve been in the recording studio for 3 full days this week recording my composed song for the upcoming show ‘The Last Cuckoo’. It’s called ‘Making Time (To Love)’ and lasts for exactly 5 minutes. After laying down the piano line I slowly built up the track using Logic Pro 9 software and using string quartet, orchestral strings and full choir soundfiles! I currently have two versions – one with and one without vocals. Both will be sent to the actor in London – he will learn the song through my finished version before singing it himself with the other. Despite now being fully orchestrated and sounding fab, sadly this is not the version that will be used within the show!

The main character, Ethan Page, goes back in his memory to a time where he worked as a quiz master and occasional singer in a pub. He sings my song at this point to a stripped down Casio / Hammond Organ accompaniement in true ‘Working Men’s Club’ style! It’s a pure heart-wrenching ballad!

The lyrics are cheesy but poignant all at the same time; documenting a failed relationship, the loss and pain involved and the desire of the man to re-kindle this lost magic – all because he doesn’t want to be alone. Sadly, in the play the man is alone; his wife having left him for the ‘going places’ neighbour and the performance ends with him again alone, dying, attended just by a young girl who can’t (or won’t) speak.

The song isn’t about the character at all – it just happens to be the most popular song in the charts at that re-lived moment in time. However, when we as individuals sing (whether it be karaoke or simply in the bathroom) – we choose songs for certain reasons, to reflect or lift our mood – so I like to think that for the audience there will be a sub-conscious link between the two.

I’m getting really excited about the project. The set has been designed, the production team assigned (myself included) and the two actors have now been cast. One of them is the Lawrence Olivier award winning Paul Copley (see left), who featured in my favourite TV series of all time ‘This Life’ – as well as more recently in the Doctor Who spin-off ‘Torchwood’. I will also be going to London at some point at the end of the month to teach him the song in person during rehearsals. Watch this space for more information.