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Today I bought a lovely picnic hamper from one of our local charity shops. I’ve wanted one for some time now! Not that we get the weather that often for picnics – nor indeed the time – but due to our impending trip away to here I was wanting to invest in one. The universe heard me and provided us with this.

It is deep – much deeper than any of the others I’ve seen – and has two seperate compartments which I like with their own leather & buckle fastening. We have a bottle of champagne left over from my birthday which will be taken with us to the cottage. I can just see us sipping bubbly on the beach complete with our basket full of cucumber sandwiches and Victorian sponge cake!

The basket came complete with tartan lining and real cutlery (my pet hate is plastic knives and forks!) Sadly the plates and cups also included were made of green plastic – so they had to go! If I’m going to picnic – I want to do it properly – so I delved deep into my cupboards and found varying china plates, finishing off my collection with a couple of other charity shop and market buys including two great royalty commemoration mugs (one from 1935 and the other from 1953).

Doesn’t it look great – and I love the fact that none of them match! I’m looking forward to filling the basket with lovely food and wine complete with two real glasses – and finding somewhere remote on the beach to crack open that flask of coffee, that bottle of bubbles – and those sarnies…without the crusts of course!