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Giveway #6

For those of you who don’t know – occasionally I put an old image of mine on here for people to use – with credit of course.  If you haven’t seen them before then search within my right hand categories for ‘Giveaway’ – click on it – and there they all are. Having just looked myself – the last giveaway was in April! So, having been busy washing, ironing and packing (amongst other things) these last couple of days for the holiday tomorrow, I’ve not had much chance to blog anything new.

However, these last two hours I have enjoyed going through the hundreds of old vintage / Edwardian / Victorian images I have in a big box – essentially looking for some inspirational photographs. I found many – but chose just 10 – to take wth me on my hols. I plan to stick them in one of my favourite notebooks and use them as inspiration whilst I’m away (…on the beach, in the car, on the balcony…) for poetry, song lyrics, random words, throughts, feelings, art – whatever comes basically from my mind and pen! I’ll share any great results with you on my return!

Whilst looking through them (for the first time in a while) I found some other images I’d forgotton about which I think I’ll defintiely turn into cards for my HoudiniCards Etsy shop. I also found this cute photograph from 1916 (as written on the back) of Betsy & ‘Caesar’. Isn’t it sweet! If she was approximately 2 and a half on the photo (? – kids ages always confuse me) then Betsy would have been the grand age of 97 if she were still to be alive today. Amazing! Anyhow, I wanted to share this with you as the latest giveaway.

Click on the photo to make it bigger! The usual blurb: I have very softly blurred the edges of the photo due to age markings – but besides that, I will leave it up to you to edit further should you wish to do so. Please feel free to do with it what you will – in fact, send me a photograph of how you’ve used it! However, just please do not sell it on as it is, or as a downloadable scan. Enjoy!

 I shall see you all on my return from my hols! I will be taking my laptop and dongle with me so, as the forecast is rain for the first half of the week, I will probably be online on an evening, checking your latest posts whilst sipping a glass of sparkling wine, eating olives and listening to the waves crash on the beach. Til then, take care y’all x