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Well I’m back from Runswick Bay – which is where my beau and I spent a week on holiday. Close to Whitby and other quaint fishing villages almost frozen in time, we had a wonderful and relaxing time; and we really didn’t want to come home!

The cottage where we stayed was slightly smaller than we had expected – but we soon completely fell in love with the place as we made it our home for the week. The view from the huge pull-back windows was simply amazing and continually gave us differing scenes of weathers, cloud formations, tides, colours and moods throughout the day, evening – and week!

This area of coast is one of our favourites – but we still managed to find new villages, areas and beaches that we hadn’t been to before. The vicinty is steeped in history and fables – from ammonites to mermaids to Captain Cook to Dracula!

However, we spent most of the week chilling in the cottage; perched high on top of the rest of the village – surrounded by nothing but rooftops and seagulls. We caught up with friends who lived in the local area – but as there was no internet or mobile reception, most hours were spent reading, chatting, looking out to sea, drinking wine, listening to music, writing poetry, eating good food, taking photographs, people watching and generally relaxing in such a beautiful environment.

Runswick – and the cottage – are both somewhere we would definitely recommend to others – and indeed hope to return to ourselves one day…soon!