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These last few days have been busy with visitors, procrastination, cleaning and bargain hunting. The second hand market today was particularly disappointing – however, I went to an ‘antiques’ fair yesterday – loosely termed, as there was a lot of things there I would not consider antique nor necessarily vintage – nor indeed collectable. Anyhow, it wasn’t far – and I love afternoons spent like that – so off we went.

I was very good and spent only a very small amount. There was a beautiful wind up record player that I wanted (but I already have one) – along with other items of Victoriana that definitely would have made my life complete – but I resisted them all! Well nearly – so what did I buy?

Well, ironically before leaving for the fair, I was looking online to buy a customised embosser stamp for my Houdini Cards envelopes. I saw many a vintage embossser complete with new modern stamp – so when I saw this – in the sale part of a stall – I had to have it! The current design is a sweet old company stamp for a rug business that started in 1941 in the town I currently live! It is lovely, so I might even leave it as it is; it looks great on my computer desk too!

I bought some vintage humourous postcards for a change, ready to be “Houdini’d” – (including ‘The Wife’s Ten Commandments’) – so they’ll be making an appearance in my shop at some stage. I also bought some old solicitor legal papers complete with calligraphy scrolls, print, wax and stamps. These will work really well as card backdrops – as well as inspiration and designs for some of my winter scarves I’ll be creating soon.

I also bought a huge original photograph of a wedding party – (seen above) complete with obligatory handsome people and huge stunning hats and bouquets! I loved it – despite the vast amount of age spots – and think it will make a beautiful wedding card for my shop at some point. Until then, it is on show – pride of place – in my apartment.