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I am ordering an embosser stamp from the internet. I had actually customised a beautiful antique embosser (like the one I bought yesterday – see post) with an online company, but what with VAT and postage on top – it was going to work out very VERY expensive! I really couldn’t justify going ahead with the purchase. I have since managed to find one elsewhere at half the price; not a vintage presser admittedly – but then do I really need another, seeing as I now have my latest purchase on show?What do you think? I provided the crown image – which I love, just because I think it looks classy – and it’s also linked to my banner within my Etsy shop. I think they’ve done a really good job; I love the name of my shop at the top – complimented by the web address link at the bottom. Perfecto! This is going to look SO good as an embossed stamp on all of my envelope flaps!